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Wage battles against your friends!

Friend Bomber is an exciting real-time mobile social game where you can blow up your friends in the real world using virtual bombs. You can play game matches against your friends, start a tournament or have fun with a Free-For-All game match. Choose between 17 different bombs to hit your friends with. Place bombs on the Game Map and wait for their device to come within range and blow them up! But be careful and make sure you have a defusing kit in hand, there could be one waiting for you right around the corner!



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17 Different Bombs

Choose from 17 different bombs, ranging from an M80 to a Tsar Nuke. Each with a different blast radius and knockout time.

Real-Time & Social

Friend Bomber is social and real-time. This means you can play with your friend with no turns and no waits.

Ranks & Achievements

Reach 20 different ranks from Private to General and complete 20 different Achievements.

Game Extras

Have a few extra coins? Get a defusing kit or safety zone to help protect yourself from bombs.

Multiple Game Types

Four different game variations: Free-For-All Standard, Team Standard, Free-For-All Tournament, and Team Tournament.

Leaderboards & Stats

Get all those wonderful stats! From player stats to game stats. Check out the leaderboards to see the top players and hits.


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Bomb Defusal
Game Map
Home Screen
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Lost Game
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Version 1.4

Released December 2nd, 2013
  • Fix Location Update Bug
  • New Added Map Zoom

Version 1.2

Released November 25th, 2013
  • New Search Bar History
  • Fix Web View Issue
  • Fix Notification Table Refresh
  • Fix Safety Zone Move

Version 1.2

Released November 18th, 2013
  • New New and improved app walk through
  • Fix Bomb defusing double popping up
  • Fix App crash with closing notifications
  • Fix Web view javascript issue
  • Fix Additional localization
  • Fix Additional graphical fixes
  • Fix Rank point structure change
  • Fix Fixed level requirements for Bunker Buster


  • "This game is super fun to play with friends!"

  • "Friend Bomber is a fun combat geo-based social game that I’m sure will be even more fun with more players."

    AppStoreArcade →
  • "Friend Bomber is a ton of fun to play with friends, incorporates strategy and intelligence gathering into the well-known game of tag. They've integrated GPS location services, in game ranking/rewards, an in-game money system and Facebook for a really fun time. I can't wait till more people are playing this game so that it gets more intense!"

  • "Showing a friend the crater where his house used to be...priceless!"

  • "This app is unreal! Using GPS to set bombs & knock your buddies out (blow them up) as they go by. Very creative & probably addictive. Graphics & sound are a nice bonus. The point system is good, instructions are helpful. This is going to be an awesome group game!!"

    The New Pilot Guy


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